Great Jewish education is not about giving simple answers to tough questions.  It is about inspiring people to ask the relevant questions that can help them interpret their identity in a pluralistic Jewish world.  Melitz programs are carefully designed to provoke curiosity about Israel and the Jewish people. Using websites, sources and creativity, Melitz programs enable people to grapple with difficult issues and transform them into educational moments with long-term impact.

In this Educative Kit we merged the Melitz Educational Rationale and the initiative of Mercaz Olami regarding the way Israel is taught in the Masorti Communities around the world.  We want to celebrate with you Israel´s 70 years with a wide variety of content, sessions and community activities, so you can enrich and deepen out in the questions regarding the Masorti Movement and their relationship with Israel.

This Educational Kit is mostly designed by educators for educators so they can be the mediums between the Kit and Masorti movement members. However, all Masorti members are invited to take a look and use the Kit for their best interest.

The creation of the Educational Kit was possible thanks to the collaboration of an excellent team of educators.

We aspire to keep developing The Educational Kit with time. You are welcome to send your ideas and educational materials to Mercaz olami.

Melitz Team

Ami Infeld, CEO

Rajel Leghziel, Project and Content Coordinator

Jeremy Benstein, Content support

Peeri Sinclair, Content Advisor

Melitz Educators of the past and the present


Mercaz Olami

Rabbi Mauricio Balter, Executive Director, Masorti Olami & Mercaz Olami   

Nilli Glick Asaf, Director of Zionist Educational Projects & MERCAZ Olami Chapter Liaison

Ariela Rosemberg – Garbatzky, Graphic Advisor

Technical support

Marc Gottlieb

We thank the “Rav Siach” program of the Masorti Movement in Israel for sharing their materials with MERCAZ Olami

All Melitz educational materials are marked with copyright. All other materials visual or educational are approved by Mercaz Olami or other copyrighted entity’s. We ask you to respect these rights.