When we think about Yom Ha-Atzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day, we should not think of Yom Ha-Atzmaut by itself as a separate day. We should be thinking of the nine days that that build up to it. The nine days that include Yom Ha-Shoah (Holocaust Day), Yom Ha-Zikaron (Memorial Day) and end with Yom Ha-Atzmaut (Independence Day) of the State of Israel. We should think about the relevance of these days to all Jewish communities in and out of Israel, and relate to these days as a period and look at it as an ongoing process.

In this section you will find different activities you can organize inside your community during the “9 Days of We”




Shabat Tkuma

In the Shabat between Yom Hashoa and Yom Hatzmaut the communities of the Conservative
Movement will commemorate Shabat Tkuma. This Shabat is about remembering the process of
Shoah and Tkuma. Those are 9 days of mixed feelings that can be expressed as a Community
on this specific Shabat.

Here we provide you with some ideas specifically for the Shabat Tkuma


Yom Ha-Shoah Activities

We provide you here with some deep information and activities, related with the Shoah, we choose to bring a very peculiar approach focused on certain values, in this case we choose to highlight the Community value during the Shoah.

Click here to open the Yom Ha-Shoah Educative Materials 

Zikaron BaSalon

Credit: ynet.co.il

Members of the community open their homes to carry out a night to remember different events
related to the “9 days of we” . The idea is to share testimonies that have to do with a history of
war or with a fallen soldier, stories of the days of independence or stories related to the Shoah
and Tkuma process . You can remember sad or happy moments but the idea is to do it in the
comfort of home and together.

We highly suggest to use theZikaron BaSalon Organization” materials and Ideas. (The website is in English, Spanish and Hebrew)

9 days of We Booklet


Other sources 

Yom Ha-Atzmaut Laws and Customs

A Prayer for Peace in Israel

Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem

Prayer-for southern Israel

Al-Hanissim for Yom Ha-Atzmaut – על הניסים ליום העצמאות

Twlight Moving from Memorial to Independence

Rav Siach is delighted to share with you the Masorti Movement’s booklet “Twilight – בין השמשות.”

Naomi Shemer opens her seminal song Al Kol Eleh with the words of Al Ha’Devash Ve’Al Ha’Oketz, ‘the honey and the sting.’ This notion of an Israel filled with joy and challenges, and even great burdens and difficulties, is actualized in the Israeli/Zionist calendar, with the juxtaposition of the pain and sorrow of Yom Ha’Zikaron (Israeli Memorial Day) and the revelry and rejoicing of Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Israeli Independence Day). The transition between them is difficult, disorienting and emotionally taxing. This is clearly the case for bereaved families. But in Israel, where every soldier is a child of our people as a whole, and where much less than six degrees of separation divides citizens, all of Israeli society feels this pain.

How hard it is to move from the sorrow and mourning of Memorial Day to the joy and happiness of Independence Day!

This booklet aims to offer a model for a remembrance and transition ceremony, which can be used in congregations outside Israel and can give you a taste of what our Masorti congregations in Israel will be doing.  This ceremony will allow those in attendance to experience and be partners with Israel in mourning the fallen before Yom Ha’Atzmaut celebrations. A festive Ma’ariv service is included as part of the ceremony.

To download the booklet click here:Twlight Moving from Memorial to Independence